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The Shenlen core background, in Management of Systems Engineering, is on Railway Systems which included developed of Signalling and Centralised Traffic Control Systems on Railway projects in South Africa and the United Kingdom, on Gautrain in South Africa and the Channel Tunnel Extension, respectively. Interfacing with the local Rail Safety Regulators to ensure compliance with current legislation and technical compliance of system with the SANS 3000 suite of standards.

While working on the Gautrain the company was exposed to the complete spectrum of systems that are required for Railways and Building Services including but not limited to:

Management of the commissioning of IBM Maximo as an asset management tool covering all assets on the network. “IBM Maximo Asset Management software provides asset lifecycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single platform. It is used to help maximize the value of critical business and IT assets over their lifecycles with workflows by enforcing best practices that yield benefits for all types of assets, including transportation, production, delivery, facilities, communications and IT. Industry-tailored solutions are available for utilities, nuclear power, transportation, government, telecommunications, life sciences, and oil & gas.” (Source: IBM)
Investigations into the design and implementation of Rolling Stock asset tracking and online maintenance reporting. Satellite Tracking systems are now compact and with the improvements in transmission Technology it is possible to integrate in many applications.
Automatic Fare Collection System, implementation by Thales. Contactless Transponder technology being the standard for collection of revenue on most public transport systems. These are integrated with banking systems to allow a single card for multiple modes of transport and for the limited value purchases.
Tunnel Ventilation Systems – with road tunnels getting longer and more Rail Tunnels being built, ensuring ventilation in the event of incident becomes critical to the survival of the public involved in an incident. There are various safety factors that need to be considered in during the design and implementation of these systems. The considering of the design of the control system plays a pivotal role in development of the systems.
Signalling and Control – Shenlen has built up extensive knowledge in developing and implementing control systems for traffic safety based on international standards for safety management. In the Railway sphere EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 are applicable and the management of Safety covered by ‘The Yellow Book’