We are a world class Systems Management and Web Development firm based in Gauteng, serving the entire African continent.



Shenlen (Pty) Limited, is a locally based company that specializes in Management of Systems Engineering covering a broad array of systems including Business Consulting. The Company was established by Nevin Reddy after having a vision to provide expert consulting and related services to niche market clients.
We recognize the reality that a multitude of emerging as well as established small and micro enterprises cannot afford the exorbitant consulting fees charged by the majority of large established consulting firms, and in line with our Black Economic Empowerment and Enterprise Development Goals, we are committed to providing our clients with cost effective and affordable business consultancy services and related products. This will be underpinned by our strong philosophy and commitment to adding value to our clients and their business needs.

Our vision is to provide highly competitive business enhancing and value adding services and commodities to our clients in the areas of sustainable social and economic development to the mutual benefit of our clients, business partners and staff.

To provide a needs-based package of business initiating and sustaining solutions to small and medium, private and publicly owned enterprises in order to empower them to overcome institutional, political, trade and resource barriers, thus contributing to viable and sustainable business economic activity which helps the business and communities which they serve and operate in.

Principles and Values
Our core philosophy is governed by the need to conduct our affairs with uncompromising honesty, integrity, diligence and professionalism in all our relationships. We do not compromise the value which we place in our staff, our clients and our business partners all over the world, and aim to ensure that we are recognized for this by all stakeholders as this will build trust which underpins our business values.

Black Economic Empowerment
We are committed to the process of Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation.
The company is currently wholly black owned, and plans to remain 100% Black Owned, Operated and Managed.
Shenlen (Pty) Limited is a 100% ‘Black Empowered company in terms of the current government strategy and legislation on BEE. The Company was founded in 2011 as an empowerment practice. We believe in practical empowerment which spans all 7 pillars of BEE, and are committed to not just meeting the targets set in our sector, but to exceed these in driving true empowerment.

Core Services
Shenlen (Pty) Limited is in the business of business enterprise development and support and trade. We provide integrated and multidisciplinary solutions to business and community development challenges. Our offices are staffed with competent, professional people who bring their best into whatever projects they undertake and are all personally committed to the company’s vision, mission and values whilst striving to achieving and maintaining service excellence.
We aim to provide services which:
Maximize the benefits to our clients;
Provide integrated and sustainable solutions to development
Support community participation where appropriate
Shenlen’s expertise lies in Management of Systems Engineering covering a broad array of systems. From feasibility and concept designs to detailed designs and testing and commissioning, providing a professional Turnkey solution to their clients.
While Shenlen (Pty) Limited is a new entity the core team have worked on numerous local and international projects and have gained a combined wealth of experience in all types of Mechanical and Electrical Systems .

System Involvement:
These core services and systems currently include:
SCADA systems
Security and Access Control Solutions
Time and Attendance Systems
Signalling Systems
Transport Management Systems
EMC, Testing and Commissioning
Tunnel Ventilation Systems
Automatic Fare Collection systems
Overhead Traction and Substations
Renewable Energy Solutions